Commercial, Industrial and Institutional Pest Control

If you're in business or are in charge of facilities maintenance for a large company and organization, you already have enough things to worry about. Finding a good exterminator who knows how to deliver effective pest control doesn't have to be one of them.

Cavalry Pest Control can create a complete, customized integrated pest management (IPM) plan for any business or organization. Our commercial pest control services include:

We keep well-informed and up-to-date in all regulatory and professional areas related to pest control, including facilities coming under AIB, FDA, CFSAN, USDA, HACCP, and School IPM guidelines.

Pests Controlled

Our commercial, industrial, and institutional pest control plans are individually designed around the needs of each account. Obviously, we devote the most attention to those pests that have been the biggest problems at a given account, but our plans are also comprehensive and include monitoring (and treatment, when necessary) of all common pests, including

Whenever possible, we use non-chemical methods and frequent, detailed examinations to minimize the need for chemical pesticides while providing effective pest prevention and management. This includes valuable consulting services to help you permanently reduce susceptibility to pest invasion through simple, easy-to-implement procedures, repairs, and sanitation practices.

For more information about how Cavalry Pest Control can help your business or organization with its pest control needs, please contact us.