Termite Control

Choosing the right company to treat your home's termite problem is one of the most important decisions you'll ever make. A poorly-done termite job can result in many thousands of dollars of damage if the termite problem is not eliminated at the source. That's why Cavalry Pest Control prefers Termidor Termiticide and uses it as our product of choice for most termite jobs.

Why Termidor?

Termites transfer Termidor throught the colony by contact incidental to feeding and grooming.Unlike old-fashioned termiticides (which were really more repellants than anything else), Termidor is a delayed-action, non-repellant termite control product. Termites can't see it, smell it, or taste it.

Because they don't know Termidor is there and because it doesn't kill them immediately, termites freely forage through Termidor-treated soil, get it on their bodies, and spread it to the rest of the colony through Termidor's transfer effect. This results in the elimination of the entire termite colony.

How Effective is Termidor?

For more than 10 years (and running), Termidor termiticide has been shown to be 100 percent effective in controlling termites in studies conducted by the United States Department of Agriculture (USDA). And because we are Termidor-Certified Professionals, you can count on Cavalry Pest Control to apply Termidor properly, resulting in termite control you can count on.

How does Termidor Compare to Termite Baiting?

Many companies are marketing termite baiting systems as an alternative to liquid treatments. But termite baiting has significant drawbacks.

Termite baiting relies on termites happening to come across the bait cartridges, which in most systems are simply untreated wood, before they are replaced with an actual toxicant. This can take months, or sometimes even years. All the while, termites are continuing to damage your home. With Termidor, control begins the day the treatment is applied.

In addition, although termite baiting will eventually eliminate termite colonies in many cases, they provide no lasting protection against new colonies. When the colony is eliminated, the bait cartridges are replaced with plain wood again and monitored periodically; and only when new termite activity is detected is the termiticide placed back in the cartridges. Termidor, on the other hand, prevents new colonies from being established around your home at all.

Other Termite Treatment Options

Once in a while, we come across a situation in which another termite control method is appropriate, either instead of or in conjunction with Termidor. Most often, this means direct treatment of wood using boric acid products.

Boric acid is a chemical that has quite a few well-known uses, including as an eye wash. It's also one of the oldest pest control products in existence. When applied directly to wood, it provides lasting protection against termites and many other wood-destroying insects.

Direct wood treatment with boric acid isn't the best choice for every job because it's sometimes difficult to apply the product to all vulnerable wood in an existing home. But in some cases (for example, when wells or water table issues make soil treatment inadvisable), it can be a highly effective treatment that can be used when other methods can't.

For a free, no-obligation inspection of your home and our professional treatment recommendation, please contact us. You'll be glad you did.